Reverse Osmosis Water and Ice

Pure Ice

Always Clean and Pure Ice

  1. designed for both Ice-Making, and Water-Purifying Functionality
  2. Pure Ice Production utilizing the Freezing Point Method

Elegant Design

Luxurious Black and Wine colors

  1. Modern Streamlined design, highlighted with graceful curves
  2. Refined touch-Sensor buttons
  3. BLUE LED lighting

Technology Breakthrough

Convenient functions designed to aid the customer

  1. Integrated Ice-making and Water-cooling: System realizing a high energy efficiency
  2. Separate Water Delivery: Varying temperatures from a single spout
  3. Default Function: Designed to automatically convert to cold water mode when in queue
  4. Hot Water Locking Function with Touch Sensor

 These Hot & Cold Ice Water Purifiers are available from Houston’s Best Waterin three models:

  • Up to 80 gallons per day of reverse-osmosis-purified water, delivered at cold, hot, and ambient temperatures.
  • Single, push-to-release, finger-free spigot and self-draining drip tray.
  • Sealed, self-sanitizing reserve tank system with 24/7/365 circulation.
  • Freshly produced ice, never from recycled water, dispensed without ever coming into contact with human hands or anything else that may be lurking in your current ice tray.
  • Three ice-making capacities: up to 18, 33, and 66 lbs. per day with corresponding storage of up to 2.5, 4.5, and 7.5 lbs. of ice.
  • Optional mineral enrichment and anti-oxidant enhancement.
  • Safety lock to prevent children’s access to hot water and ice.
  • Takes about the same amount of floor space as your current cooler. No bottle storage required!
  • Luxurious appearance reinforces state-of-the-art technology and high quality construction.
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